Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gotta Catch'em all

I'm actually pretty close to catching all the various battle pets for the different continental capture acheevements. I've already captured (and gotten the achievements for) all the pets on Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, and Pandaria.

In Northrend I'm only missing the Arctic Fox Kit. And I currently have an alt parked in Storm Peaks waiting and waiting for the snow to blow in. I suspect that like the Baby Ape this will take months. There is no schedule that I've been able to find so it's all up to luck if I log in when there is snow falling.

I have two pets left to capture in Kalimdor for the Kalimdor continental catch'em all achieve. One of these pets is the Minfernal. The other is the Qiraji Guardling.

I had been missing the Giraffe Calf from Southern Barrens. However, a lucky capture just outside of Dominance Hold netted me one. It is grey quality, but I totally don't care. This is the exact situation that Battle Stones were invented for. Next Flawless Critter Stone I get it'll be upgraded.

I have an alt stationed in Felwood for the Minfernal. I check every so often to see if there is one up. Possibly I need to take drastic late night/early morning action there. But I do enjoy sleep and I'll catch it eventually.

The Qiraji Guardling however is a "summer pet". It spawns in Silithus, allegedly near the Scarab Wall in Southern Silithus, but it only does so during summer. Whenever that is. There has been massive speculation about when that is. After March 21st. After May 1st. After the summer solstice in June.

I checked last night, and regrettably it appears that it is likely after summer solstice. Or at least it wasn't after May 1st. And, yes, the various blue posts that I've looked up today have confirmed that it's not going to be around until late June at earliest.

Once I get the Continental achieves I'll go back and be super OCD about getting the newer capturable pets added after the achieves were in there. I just can't force myself to park an alt waiting for the Stunted Yeti or Infinite Whelp, for example, when the Minfernal is roaming free and taunting me.

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