Monday, May 20, 2013

Horridon Dead!

Almost two weeks ago Darkfall killed Horridon. I'm so pleased. He's such an annoying goddamn dino. Actually the most annoying part is the seemingly endless waves of trolls. Anyway, giant dino dead!

We started off the night by having a nice one-shot of Jin'rokh. He was dead before the 3rd lightning storm. Which was super fortunate, because someone had dropped a lightning fissure or two where the 4th puddle would have spawned.

Last night we also had our regular OT back. He dabbled with playing a lock and not tanking, but I think he's back to tanking. He's leveling up a druid to be his tank, but is currently playing his monk. It was great to have him back. Though I must say that the massive AoE threat the monks generate with their beer throwing is annoying.

Also, I was mean or lazy (take your pick) and made our returned OT gather the spirits on the windy bridges. This usually worked pretty well. The Monk Roll ability will get him safely through the floating punting spirits so he never got punted off the bridge and could speedily bring back the spirit we needed to kill. However, that same Roll did get him killed on three different times as he rolled his way off the edge of the bridge. The first time was funny, but by the third time he was doing this I needed a breather to catch my breath from laughing so hard I was crying.

Once we got through the trash and were at Horridon we had a relatively speedy kill. We had a couple of goofy wipes and then a wipe where both tanks died to heavy dino trampling. But once the healers had seen the whole fight we got it on the next try.

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