Monday, February 2, 2009


A week ago Eeyan and Telt finally finished the runups to Wrathgate. They were doing this with Evallen and so we all did the last bunch of quests together. I really like the Wrathgate setup and event(s). And while we had done them before as Kuan and Viljo, Evallen hadn't done it at all. And she'd been good, as far as I know, and not snooped online ahead of time.

So full of obscure and cryptic warnings we all headed over to Wrathgate for the battle. We told Evallen to make sure she was in fullscreen mode, and had her sound up. And then we all started the Wrathgate event...

It was, of course, awesome. Poor Saurfang, both younger and older. And poor Bolvar, though we don't actually know his fate. His body isn't there, just his shield. But it could have been burned away. Or it could have been taken by the Lich King. Who knows? I'm sure we'll find out eventually though.

And most of all poor Thrall. He has put years of work into peace between the Horde and the Alliance. And with one betrayal from Varimanthas and the Apothecaries all that was blown away. Because of course the Alliance will only see the Forsaken Apothecaries and think it's all the horde. Never mind that Varimanthas tried to kill Sylvanas, and the apothecaries did kill many Horde soldiers.

But I do think that Evallen has been playing more WoW since she experienced the Wrathgate. Which, of course, was the desired result of that story line. It's pretty impressive how leading up to it you have no idea just how awesome it will be. The first time you see it you're expecting a quest to go kill a bunch of abominations or maybe some conversation to read. Not an epic battle that ends with the Red Dragonflight using cleansing fire (that blooms into yellow and orange flowers) on everything that was there.

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Wendy said...

I did not look online beforehand, and it was wicked awesome. :)

I have played more WoW, but my time has been eaten by a bunch of things lately, and I won't be able to play next week while I'm away for work. :/