Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frostfire bolt

I finally had a chance to talk to Swaye, one of the three people run Deterrence. He is a mage and has played one since roughly April of 2005, so he has a couple of months more experience than I do. He wanted to chat with me about my spec and gear and such.

It turns out that when I changed to fireball spec as my raid dps spec I only considered the change in dps. I completely forgot that by moving the sub tree from frost to arcane I lost 3% hit to my fire spells. Which I'm pretty sure is why I've been only mildly pleased with my dps. So Swaye was actually quite nice about pointing out that my gear didn't have the hit needed. I'm so embarassed that I completely forgot that.

Anyway I've since swapped back to frostfire bolt spec. Which I'm just as happy with, since basically no mob is going to be immune to both frost and fire at the same time. Hopefully this gives me a bit better dps.

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