Thursday, June 4, 2009

Halls of Lightning: Heroic

Tuesday evening we logged Viljo and Kuanchichi on and got immediately pulled into a half guild/half pug run of Vault of Archavon 25. It was actually surprisingly painful. But we did eventually kill both Emalon and Archavon.

After that we logged on Eeyan and Telt and looked for a group to do some sort of heroic with. We were lucky and found a tank and dps who wanted to do Heroic Halls of Lightning. We grabbed a druid for kitty dps, and off we went!

I was completely nervous. HoL, on heroic! Eeeeee! But it actually went pretty smoothly. There were a couple of deaths, but no wipes, and all the bosses died handily. Eeyan was doing over 1600 dps, which came out to be roughly 25% of the total damage. We got the shatter-proof achievement on the second fire giant boss. And we got the speed kill achievement for Loken.

Talking with the DK tank and spriest after the run it turns out both of them recently hit 80 as well. So all of us had mediocre gear but actually seem to know how to play. I was especially pleased when the tank complimented me on healing. Apparently only one other healer has been able to keep him alive while staying in during the nova on Loken. Honestly I don't see how you'd do that fight without staying in. If we stay in I can just time a Prayer of Healing to land right after the nova does and it's all good, especially with the glyph that does 20% of the initial heal as a HoT. That plus a Circle of Healing and then a few renews and the group should be good. It did tremendously help that the 3rd dps was a druid: the Nature Resist was quite necessary.

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