Monday, June 15, 2009

Ulduar 10!

Yesterday afternoon Kuan and Viljo were on the Deterrence Ulduar 10 team. It was specifically set up to be a different set of people than their normal 10 man group. And despite that it still went pretty smoothly.

We knocked out the first 7 bosses. Auriya was the last boss we killed, and I have to say I really understand why everyone is getting so frustrated with it on 25 man. It's not easy on 10 man, but it's a whole lot easier.

When we killed XT2 he dropped the Plasma Foil. Viljo was the only one interested in using it, so I got it ;D.

Also for all of this Kuan was resto and did an excellent job healing.


Wendy said...

Why was no one else interested in using it?!

draNgNon said...

Well, +spirit does dippy shit for me... I probably could have gotten it if I rolled on it, but it's a bigger upgrade for Viljo, and has a stat budgeted that isn't useful at all for a shaman, and is for a mage.

That's backwards from the original game, but go figure.

Clara said...

Also the resto druid had it already.