Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wish list

The guild leadership at Deterrence wants me to list my top 5 gear wish list from Ulduar.

Of course immediately upon finding this out, I had a personal crisis when led to Kuan getting AFK'd out of a battleground, and then today is Patch Day. So I get to guess on the Bestest Upgrades since Kuan is sitting in the Armory in his PVP gear.

Anyhow here we go! Here's my guess and I can confirm it later, before I mail the guild officer compiling the list.

25-man Ulduar On Spec
Living Flame off Razor
Wristguards of the Firetender off Ignis
Frozen Loop off Hodir
Pyrelight Circle off Ignis

Belt of the Fallen Wyrm off Razor -
note - Blue Belt of Chaos is a crafted belt from an Uld recipe drop. I want THAT.

Flare of the Heavens off Vesax (hard mode)
Wisdom's Hold off Hodir (hard mode)
Bindings of Winter Gale off Hodir (hard mode)

25-Man Ulduar Off Spec
Steamcaller's totem off FL
Quartz-studded Harness off Deconstructor
Radiant Seal off Assembly of Iron

10-Man Ulduar On Spec
Eye of the Broodmother off Razor
Pulsing Spellshield off Deconstructor
Plasma Foil off Desconstructor (look up if really an upgrade)

Aesuga, Hand of the Ardent Champion off Vesax (hard)


Wendy said...

hard mode?!

draNgNon said...

hard mode. I'm sure we will get there within a month or so.