Thursday, December 3, 2009


Since Saturday night things have been pretty spiffy in Azeroth for Kuanchichi and Viljo.

Saturday night while bopping around on alts we noticed Ahngusbeaf, the bear-tank, asking for two more dps to run heroics. Viljo and Kuan have done a lot of achieves with Ahngus and so I suggested Heroic Occulus and the timed achieve, Make it Count. Ahngus and the other two members of the group said sure and we proceeded to smash through 5 heroics, getting just about every achieve.

Acheives that Kuan and Viljo didn't already have included: Split Personality (AOE for the win) and Lodi Dodi we Loves the Skadi. We failed to get On The Rocks in UK, and I'm not really sure why. Viljo was the only one who got the debuff, and I didn't Iceblock out of it or see anyone targeting the ice cube.

The last instance of the evening, we tried H Gun'drak. I figured that we were all a bit too sleepy and didn't have enough interrupts to get Less-Rabi. But we'd at least try for it. But then wonder of wonders, we got it! The rat bastard died without turning into a mammoth! Woo! We finished up the instance and managed to get Share the Love for the tank and another dps who needed it. After 6 heroics and a whole crapton of achievements we called it a night.

Sunday night, with a totally different group, Kuan and Viljo got Amber Void in Occulus. It really is a much slower fight without the Amber drakes, but totally doable.

Tuesday we went into Azjol-Nerub and got Watch Him Die. That achieve is a huge pain. We managed to kill Krik-whats-his-butt, but his adds took us all out. Still counted so I'm pleased. :D

The only achievements that Kuan and Viljo have left for Glory of the Hero are On the Rocks and Zombiefest.

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