Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Old Kingdom

Mornara and Ikoli did another random dungeon last night. Mornara is 74 and Ikoli is 73, so I was expecting to get Nexus or Utgarde Keep. Possibly they would get Azjol-Nerub, since they are in the level range for that too.

Since Mornara and Ikoli queue as tank and healer the wait time for them is anywhere from 5 to ten seconds. Imagine my surprise when not AN, but Old Kingdom pops up as our random. I believe that the 79 mage and 76 warrior skewed our average group level up enough that we got bumped to OK in stead of AN.

The run went ok. I'm not going to say it was smooth. I felt very rushed the entire time by the level 73 shaman who insisted on running ahead of me and occasionally pulling for me. I was usually waiting for Ikoli's mana. I didn't give in to this temptation, but I was very tempted not to taunt off of that shaman.

The 79 mage was a bit of a challenge for my nascent tanking skills, but that was just due to level difference. The mage was actually polite about aggro, and I think it was only where there was some heavy aoe that he pulled aggro.

Herald Volajz, the last boss, was actually not too bad as a tank. As Mornara it really doesn't phase me when there are 4 mobs beating on me. And at normal difficulty I can kill them pretty easily.

I'm still really enjoying the random dungeon finder tool. It's a great way to get some expereince tanking before I feel like I have to know what I'm doing. And the extra xp and badges are pretty sweet too.

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