Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Shield!

Darkfall down'd Marrowgar again. He drops this kickass shield, which Kuan really wants to replace [Aegis of Damnation].

Of course, he didn't drop it for Darkfall. Disappointed once again, I pouted. And then, Darkfall announced a 2 week moratorium on 25man raids because people didn't want to deal with new content over the holidays.

So, Rahlenti pushed for a brief Ulduar 10 and we killed Ignis for the new "weekly" raid and I convinced everyone to down XT too. Yay, [Pulsing Spell] shield for Kuan! it's only been ... how long ... ? This is only Kuan's 4th shield upgrade since the badged level 70 shield.

Next up, 50 [Emblems of Frost] and that fabulous cloak.

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