Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dos and Don'ts of Pugging

In the usual case I'm a fan of the new LFD system. The algorithms do a good job of gear matching. And finding a group quickly is allowing more runs to happen faster. However, while most of my experiences have been positive I've run into a couple of ridiculous and annoying situations. Therefore I've compiled a list of suggestions.

DO: Take a few minutes at the start of the instance to drop some buffs.
Everyone should do what party and self buffs they have. Mages and warlocks should drop a table or fel toilet (healthstone thingy, but I swear it makes the same noise as a toilet tank refilling). Part of this should be making sure that everyone knows who the tank and healer are. Various classes and specs have buffs that are best used on a specific role. For example you really want the hunter and rogue putting their threat stuff on the tank.

DON'T: Go charging off as soon as you've got the buffs you need.
Having just buffed everyone and dropped a table Viljo would like a moment or two to drink.
Having just buffed everyone and healed their damage, Teltanara really needs a moment to drink. I know, Mr Uber-Leet-Pally-Tank, you're at full health, and you want this run to go fast. But trust me it'll go a lot faster if I don't have to rez the dps warrior because you were out of range and I couldn't catch up in time to heal both you and him before one of you took a dirt nap.

DO: Be polite to the other people in the run.
Give a polite greeting to everyone. Or at least don't be a giant flaming dickwad. I'm not expecting to be best buds with the random people from another server, but I do expect not to have to deal with rudeness. I'm here to heal or dps or tank, not put up with your crap.

DO: Wait for the tank to get aggro.
You may be annoyed at not being the top on the damage meter, but let me assure you you'll only get farther down if you die three seconds into the fight because you didn't let the tank get aggro. And by not letting the tank get aggro you're increasing the risk that the other dps and the healer will pull aggro as the tank runs around like a chicken with his/her head cut off trying to grab the mobs you yanked before they eat someone else's face.

DON'T: Ninja loot and then drop group.
Be reasonable with the loot. If something is a upgrade, need it. I'm glad you're gear is now better. If it's a frost orb or a Winter Hat and everyone has clicked greed, then you should click greed as well. If instead you wait to be sure that everyone clicks greed and then you click need, loot and drop group. Well, you're a ninja and I hate you.

DON'T: Try to level up some weapon skill.
I'm running this instance for rep and badges and maybe a piece of offspec loot. I'm not running it to help you get that last point in unarmed skill. Equip your goddam weapons. Next time my holy priest does more damage than anyone I will vote kick their ass.

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