Sunday, October 10, 2010

Algalon sometime soon...

When you kill the Assembly of Iron on either of their hard modes (Steelbreaker or Runemaster last) a disc drops from them. This disc starts the chain to unlock the door to get to Algalon.

I was too busy going "holy crap I won the roll" to take a screenshot of the disc in my bags. Also you pretty much immediately turn it in at the back of the room in which you fought the Assembly of Iron. Brann and his Explorerer's League lackey help you work the console and you determine that you need to get the sigils from the four watchers. Of course since all four watchers are various sorts of fucked up by Yogg you've got to beat them without destroying their sigils.

How do you do that? I'm so glad you asked. Coincidently enough, its the exact same way you beat them to get your achieves for the 310% speed drake.

I remembered to take pictures of the sigils. They are actually pretty cool. Very thematic, especially when combined into a group of the four of them.

Once you present all four of them to the console. You get Celestial Planetarium Key

So sometime in the not too distant future we'll try Algalon. Once you aggro him you have one hour per lockout to attempt him. After that hour is done he disappears until your next lockout.

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