Friday, October 1, 2010

Mornara the Death Knight

I do not fear death, Mornara thought, as she walked through the streets of Orgrimmar. The calls for her execution increased as she got closer to Grommash Keep and Thrall. A glob of some guard's spit dripped down one cheek, and a rotten apple bounced off her shoulder. She fought to keep her temper and to keep from killing all who insulted her so. It was not that long ago that she was a feared and dreaded member of the Scourge, and if she still was she could call upon an army of undead to slaughter all these infuriating peons.

But that could never be, for she was no longer part of the Scourge. She was a Knight of the Ebon Blade. Not, thankfully, the Lich King's slave anymore. And if she and her brothers and sisters in arms were to survive they needed the goodwill of both the Horde and the Alliance. So she was sent here to present a letter from Tirion Fordring to Thrall. After Tirion Fordring had defeated the Death Knights at Light's Hope Chapel, he had spared them. And Darion Mograine, the leader of the Death Knights had vowed to help defeat Arthas.

A blush crept up Mornara's cheeks at the thought of their defeat. Though she was very glad to be free of the Lich King, it was still embarrassing to have been defeated by a pack of Paladins. She did not fear death, but she did hate defeat.

Mornara made her way to Grommash Hold. As she passed the guards at the entrance more spit and rotten fruit landed on her. Though the guards let her enter the throne room, several of them stood between her and Thrall with bared blades. Mornara approached the foot of Thrall's throne and knelt. She passed the letter from Tirion to Thrall, and remained kneeling while he read it. She would have preferred to die on her feet, if such was to be Thrall's response, but she had already been defeated at Light's Hope Chapel.

Fortunately Thrall had a more open mind than many of the citizens Mornara had passed on the streets. He allowed Mornara to join the Horde, because he trusted Tirion. Tirion was the human who sacrificed his life to free Eitrigg. The only other human to sacrifice themselves for an orc was Taretha. And because of this Thrall pardoned all the Death Knights who were former members of the Horde. He agreed not to attack Acherus, despite the Knights of the Ebon Blade being one brotherhood there, both Horde and Alliance.

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