Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mornara the Tank

After fighting demons and fel-orcs and naga and ogres in Outland, Mornara and Ikoli took the goblin blimp to Northrend. The ice and snow of Northrend is quite a change from the arid and demon infested remains of Outland. Mornara is also conflicted about fighting the Scourge. She knows they are servants of the Lich King, and therefore must die. However, it wasn't all that long ago that she was a slave of the Lich King. So Mornara willingly kills the Scourge she faces, but with every death she wonders if it should have been her fate to die.

Mornara was strong enough to be chosen as a Death Knight instead of consigned to the ranks of the ghouls or other lesser members of the Scourge. And her strength combined with Fordring's determination are the only reasons she's free to fight for the Horde again. So every Scourge that Mornara kills makes her wonder and thank the elements and ancestors that it isn't her dying beneath someone else's axe. Even though she is sure both the elements and the ancestors stopped listening to her after she became a warlock, let alone after she was turned to the Lich King's service.


Mornara started venturing into dungeons with Ikoli and a few others. It's a test of all of them. Ikoli is there to heal everyone and Mornara is there to be the punching bag for everything they are facing. Specifically she is there to make sure that she is punched, or hit with a sword, or clawed by a dragon, or stomped on by a giant instead of anyone else, and especially instead of Ikoli. Because Mornara is wearing plate armor and wraps herself in the icy presence of a Death Knight she is a lot harder to hit and can take a lot more damage when she is hit than Ikoli can in her cloth robes.

Mornara started out just doing this with a few other people, but has since moved on to more dangerous places. These places need 10 or 25 people. Here Mornara is one of 2 or 3 people assigned to make sure their enemies are not attacking the cloth-wearers in the back.

She has even ventured into Ice Crown Citadel, the Lich King's stronghold. It is hard for Mornara to be there. The voice of Arthas calls to her still. She does her best to ignore him, but the whole citadel gives her flashbacks to Acherus before the Knights of the Ebon Blade were freed by Tirion Fordring.

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