Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Why yes, that is Mornara riding on a Rusted Proto-drake

Mornara and Kuan have been running a half DF half regular pug of Ulduar 10 for the past two weeks. Over the weekend we got all of the keepers and Vezax. For the past two nights we've been working on getting Yogg+1. It's a brutal fight even in ICC gear, but we finally got it.

Die Yogg-Saron, DIE, you insanity inducing tentacled thing of wrongness.

One of the people who was with us for all of this was Talaitha. She's been playing since vanilla and is an awesome mage. She was very pleased to get her drake as well.

Oh yeah, my drake is fierce and fast and so very awesome! Roar!

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