Tuesday, January 18, 2011


During the first Hallows' End in Wow, I ran Dire Maul with a guild group, and Kuanchichi spent most of that time as a pirate. A Goblin pirate. It was at that point I decided I really wanted to have a Goblin Warrior. Yah, yah, goblins were NPCs.

Well, now, more than 5 years later, Cataclysm has made that possible. Felkix is my new goblin warrior. He's Arms and just hit level 20.

Getting there wasn't the easiest, however. For example, here he is, rescuing 5 baby raptors from a fire.

I must say the Goblin starting area quests are amazingly well done. I loved it, even though I don't particularly like how they have defined Bilgewater "culture" and shaped the Goblins to have such gansta attitudes. I don't have to like it totally to realize it was well done.

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