Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Things


Mornara is now an officer of Darkfall. I don't know if I'm tank officer or what, but I volunteered to help with setting up EPGP. And immediately after taking this pic I went through every single character's officer note to get it ready for EPGP.

Tomorrow I will put the actual EPGP info in the notes and the guild info. DraNgNon and I have been tossing a bunch of ideas for it back and forth. The specific details of it should be worked out soon, but it can be changed after the initial setup, so no real problem.


Kuanchichi and Mornara's random heroic of today was Stonecore. I don't like Stonecore. Actually that isn't true, I think it has beautiful art, but the bosses are excruciating. They are so easy to mess up with just a little bit of lag. Or maybe on the second boss, you don't actually line of sight the crystal storm, despite being behind a pillar.

However, my least favorite part of Stonecore is Ozruk. I can't seem to get out of his shatter. Just total fail on my part. But tonight we oneshot him! Booyah! So maybe I don't hate him quite os much anymore. Funny how him being dead at my feet does that.

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