Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Moment of Hilarity/Awesome

Kuan and Mornara were in a heroic Grim Batol last night.

Well technically two of them, but I'm talking about the second. The first was so painful all I am saying is that I am repressing it.

Anyway, Grim Batol. It was us, Ildiavolo, a holy pally who had queued specifically for it, and a mage.

These pugs, both this one and the first GB of the night, make me weep for mages. As I asked in guild chat: is every mage not in Darkfall a blithering idiot? The response seemed to be mostly yes, aside from examples of a few DF mages who have moved on and Talaitha. I weep.

With just a few wipes, we made it through the first two bosses, despite the mage breaking his own sheeps at the wrongest possible times. We're on the third boss, and the adds just aren't dying fast enough. Because I do occasionally have Situational Awareness(tm), I see that both Volo and Kuan are trying to kill the adds, but most of the time one of them has to kite. The mage, is just staying on the boss, except for when he dies to dragon flame....

Well after our 2nd wipe the mage bugs out and drops group with not a word.

As the rest of us are running in the pally pipes up:
"Who will die to easily avoidable mechanics now?"
Hotfries of Nazgrel, you are my hero.

We all laugh, and a new mage pops into our group. The new mage assures us that he is able to not stand in fire, and can kill things. He knows the fights, and with a small amount of division of labor we proceed to one shot both of the remaining bosses of Grim Batol.

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