Sunday, January 30, 2011

Captain Vilethorn

I liked the story in Vashj'ir. I particularly like some of the Horde and Earthen Ring NPCs you get to meet.

My favorite is Captain Vilethorn. He's one of the orc legionaries you initially get pulled off the ship with, though you don't know his name until you encounter him in Nespirah, after he's broken free from the Naga.

He is Angry at having been enslaved, and is ready to do whatever is necessary to get his revenge upon the Naga.

He is perfectly happy to have you help him in whatever way you can. There are far too many Naga not to get some help.

Captain Vilethorn leads his men well, and never forgives the Naga. He eventually falls in a rearguard action so that the rest of his troop can escape.

Your sacrifice will not be forgotten Captain Vilethorn. /salute

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