Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Children's Week

Children's Week is actually one of my favorite holidays. You've got an orphan you take around for a whole week. Showing your little orc ward around Azeroth and your young blood elf ward around Outland. The quests are fun and the achieves are pretty good too.

This year the Orgrimmar orphan quests were redone because of Cataclysm. So my little orc friend had all new adventures to suggest. Of course we did them all, but some of his ideas were a bit crazy.

I'm really not sure that the rocket is supposed to shoot quite that much flame little guy... But, hey, it's goblin technology so who knows, and at least we didn't didn't actually die.

There was some epic dragon kite flying that happened on the bluffs above Org. The orc orphan really had a lot of fun running around with the different dragon kites.

Ah, but probably the best part of the week was teaching my little buddy about PvP. And more importantly the proper way to smash Alliance in Warsong. It's very important for a young orc to learn about Warsong Gulch and how to pwn properly.

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