Friday, July 8, 2011

Fashion Choices

Some characters in WoW have awesome armor. Their weapons glow with purpose and their armor gleams with magic. Other characters... don't.

Look at Therazane. Technically she has no armor, but then again she is made of stone so all of her is armor? Either way, she is not attractive. She is distinctive and awesome. But her look is not so great.

Thrall as world-shaman has new armor as well. Most of his gear looks pretty good. He's a shaman and you can tell that by looking at him. But his gigantic beaded necklace is a tad bit ridiculous.

Both of these characters have armor that fits them and their purpose well, but it's not all that great looking in an absolute sense. At least they are luck enough to have a matching set. Mornara was just starting to get a full matching set and now the Firelands pieces are coming in and looking silly....

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