Monday, July 18, 2011

Defender of a Shattered World

I've had a frustrating time with Wow since 4.2 dropped. The laptop isn't handling the graphics well. I lock up and crash on Occu'thar, and Firelands is better, but still and exercise in frustration. The Season 10 Pvp gear far outclasses Kuan's all-epic season 9 gear, so most of pvp has been taking a dirt nap.

I was cranky but Clara finally convinced me to come along to a Throne of the Four Winds raid. I did horrible there too, DC'ing means you get punted by the squall line, but I took a bunch of cool screenshots (well other than all the D/c's kept un-hiding my quest objectives). But we did manage to bring him down, and that was quite satisfying.

I'm sure it won't stay this frustrating. But meanwhile, Kuan and Morn have the title, "Defender of a Shattered World". I have to say, the icon for it is kinda cool, I hope it isn't prescient for how the game evolves.

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