Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Making of another death knight...

Yogg's brain is a rather scary place. When you take the brain portal in you'll see one of three different memories where Yogg-Saron influenced history in ways that weren't good for the mortal races.

There is the Deathwing making the demon soul, Garona assassinating King Llane, and the Lich King torturing someone into being his death knight.

Before Ice Crown Citadel was broken into, there was some debate as to who the Immolated Champion was. It turned out to be Fordragon. He was poisoned by the Apothecaries and then burned by the red dragons. Neither of these were good for his health. When we see him in Yogg's brain he is prisoner of the Lich King. He is being tortured as Saurfang the Younger (already broken) looks on.

It's always a sad and scary vision for Mornara to deal with.

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