Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cultists and Elementals

These two short scenes are how I think Mornara dealt with the the elemental invasion ahead of the Shattering. I wrote them almost a year ago, but never got around to posting them. Ah well, better late than never.


Cultists wandered the streets of Orgrimmar. Grim orcs in robes gathered in the shadows to preach death, destruction, and despair. Death by fire and earth, wind and water.

Mornara strode by, her armor clanking only a small amount. Cult of the Damned or Twilight's Hammer Cultists, all of them were far too in love with death. She smiled grimly, well, with the idea of death anyway. She couldn't see a difference in goals between either cult. So she was on her way to report to someone who would let her help clean the current crop of them up.

Mornara frowned. "Stupid idiots, the whole lot of them." Having just finished with the Scourge and the Lich King in Northrend she wasn't sure what these stupid cultists were afraid of. Yes, there had been some earthquakes, and bunches of elementals appearing here and there. But with the war in Northrend finished, aside from cleanup actions, there were plenty of soldiers back in Kalimdor to keep it all in check.

Some of the followers gathered around a shadowy preacher flinched aside as she stomped past. Mornara sneered at them; never mind that the orc they were listening to was ranting about the world breaking in fire, they were afraid of a single death knight.


The shock traveled up Mornara's arms as she parried yet another strike from the gigantic earth elementals in front of her. Her arms were numbed just enough that she couldn't move fast enough to dodge the next blow. Mornara roared in pain and anger as a stone arm of one elemental smashed into her shoulder. It didn't dent her armor, but she felt the muscle in her shoulder pull and perhaps tear as the rock and stone landed on her.

But before her roar of pain finished echoing she felt a druid's spell wrapping around the torn muscles. Energy soaked into her shoulder like the warmth of a summer day spent lying on the grass under a tree. The pain left her shoulder and Mornara was able to parry the next blow from the elemental in front of her.

Out of the corner of her eye Mornara saw one of the elementals peel off following the path of a bright chain lightning strike. The elemental was headed towards a figure surrounded by balls of lightning. As the troll shaman raised his shield and prepared to fend of the elemental Mornara saw it was Kuanchichi. She yelled to attract the elemental's attention, and sent an orb of shadow streaking into its body. Fortunately the elemental decided that Kuan was less interesting and came back to hit Mornara. But before it reached her Kuan cast a huge gout of fire and lava and the elemental crumbled at Mornara's feet. Kuan gave Mornara a tusk-filled grin and started firing lightning bolts at the next closest elemental.

"Damn elementals," muttered Mornara under her breath as she cast an area of disease on the ground and all the earth elementals got even angrier at her.

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