Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vile of the Sands

Kalimdor Archaeology. it is so dead boring. and yet that is what Kuan is stuck doing, waiting for queues to pop for arena, battlegrounds, waiting for raids to form and parties to be ready. becuase Kuan is an Alchemist, and he needs Vile of the Sands.

did I mention how boring it was yet? one can't get all the spiffy Archaeology achieves, those mostly require going across all the continents. but the goal is to get as many Tol'vir Dig sites as one can get. and those are only in Kalimdor.

Kuan's gotten 3 Canopic Jars so far, but no recipe, only mummified guts. on the other hand, he picked up [Ring of the Boy Emperor] early on, and now, a scepter which I really thought was going to be some BoA wand.

but nooOOooo:

And here I thought having a Red one was cool.

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