Thursday, March 8, 2012

On Tanking

I like tanking. It's my favorite role to play, and it's a lot of fun.

I'm not sure how much of my love for it comes from the actual role or from playing Mornara. She's the first character I've fleshed out so fully with backstory, and I really like the Death Knight mechanics and play style. Death Knights have such a great range of cooldowns to save the day. I also really like the rune and runic power system.

Everyone looks to the tank to lead things, and I'm not going to deny that there is a certain rush that comes from being in charge. Even if you're not the official leader of the group, as the tank you are in charge of pulling and marking and generally setting the pace of the run. You're also the one best able to save things if anything isn't going well. Of course, you're also the one most likely to be at fault if things do end up going wrong. But as a tank you've got a higher chance that if there is day saving to be done it'll be in your hands to do.

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Saif said...


I think one of the things I love about tanking is that often it is the highest-stress job during a raid, or is tied with the healers for highest-stress job.

For some reason, I get a lot of energy from doing it. Must be a reason why I've been exclusively raid-tanking since 2008...