Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I hate Ragnaros

I hate Ragnaros. He sucks the fun out of everything. And makes what had been a nice weekend end on a very sour note.

Let me back up. This weekend had been going pretty well WoW-wise.

Mornara and Kuan got their arenas done Saturday night. We had some excellent wins and each managed to get enough points to buy a new piece of gear. There were no humiliating defeats, and one excellent close fought match with one of our guildies and a friend of his. (Which reminds me I should check out a blood pvp spec.)

We got all of our 85s through a heroic or two. It's rather amusing to mix and match them so that we have at least one tank or healer in every group. Khyrie, my resto druid, is just barely qualified for heroics and I'm still learning all of her buttons and healer CDs. So it can get a little hairy while I remember what button will save the day. It was still a pretty good set of runs.

Our little bank guild side business is raking in modest profits. We've got a decent glyph business going and I'm emptying out a bunch of space in prep for Mists. It's enough money and then some to provide profession items and mount money for alts.

We had a Fireland run scheduled for Sunday night. Last week's run had gone so well I was looking forward to it. And indeed we smashed through all of the first 6 bosses. We had our boomkin extraordinaire there to get his staff items, so we didn't try for Bucket List. However, we did get Death From Above again and a few people were missing Share the Pain, which we just got incidentally. We even played around with Majordomo Staghelm and kept him in scorpion form for 43 stacks. It was hilarious, and he died so fast.

But then... then the fun was over: it was time to kill Ragnaros.

I don't like the Ragnaros fight in Firelands. It's recycled and not all that interesting. It is also one of those fights where if someone makes a small mistake it's unrecoverable. Most of the mistakes end up being about letting a son get through. Either through confusion about who was on what, or because someone got themselves killed and even with DS gear you still have to be on your toes to get the sons dead before they explode the raid.

As we got to Ragnaros both DraNgNon and I started to stress out. My stress was not reduced by one of our mages being a total nub and not knowing the fight or his class all that well. Nor was it reduced by the other mage being a smartass when I tried to give out instructions for the son assignments.

We had 45 minutes left when we got to Rag and we weren't able to kill him before we ran out of time for the night even though we did a few extra pulls. If we'd gotten to Madness with that much time, with the same group, it would have been a cakewalk. I really hate Ragnaros.


Saif said...

I think the reason you don't like Rag is the the reason I much prefer him to Madness even now - it took almost two weeks of wiping to get our first kill on Rag, and for about a month afterward, it was still a tough fight. Even now, if someone screws up, it's hard to recover and we all have to pay attention.

Madness we killed on our second night, maybe a dozen pulls, I think late Dec or early Jan. And we can just sort of roll through without a thought... I want to feel like the end-boss of a raid is a threat.

While T11 swung way, way, way too hard in the opposite direction, and I don't really want a tier of that level of difficulty again, man, I do miss that mixture of dread, desperation and anticipation I felt whenever we got ready to pull Nefarian.

Tanking his adds pre-nerf was both the hardest, and the most fun thing I've done in a raid since TBC.

Clara said...

I like fights that you have to learn, but Rag always feels more like you're learning how not to fuck up instead of learning how to do the fight correctly. It's a subtle difference that is at least partially rooted in the various dramaz that was happening for my guild and raid when we first got to and killed Rag.

Saif said...

Aha, yes, we've had occasions where individual performance kept us from progressing.

I learned a couple of years ago that my guild is composed of nice people who would rather be friendly and polite than kick someone.

So I volunteered to be the dick. If I hadn't kicked a DPS that couldn't figure out how to handle Twilight, we wouldn't have gotten a server first kill of Ultraxion.