Monday, April 2, 2012

Quests from the Son

After we cleared Dragon Soul in one evening last Tuesday, we had to think of what to do on Thursday. So Clara assembled an alt run of Dragon Soul. She brought Viljo, and I brought Eeyan. Viljo cleaned up btw and now has his 4pc t13 now. I don't have that on any character...

However Eeyan still hadn't figured out how to get to Hiram Creed and kill him, so there were no [Elementium Gem Clusters] for us. I was sad, and feeling a bit inadequate. So I respec'd Eeyan's never-ever-used Multilate spec to Subtlety, and it took me 15 minutes to get to him. Go me! Then Eeyan died on 5 attempts and ran out of food, and I realized he had the wrong glyphs; I had been so excited about the get-to-him part of the quest I hadn't considered the "assassinate him" part. Oops. I was busy, so I logged him out right there for a couple days and sent him glyphs and food.

Last night, I logged him back on to find another rogue rezzing in the opposite corner! I grabbed the food out of the mail, and we both brought Creed down. Success!

Eeyan flew back to Ravenholdt to report his success to Wrathion, Blackwing's son. Wrathion might be uncorrupted, but as a black dragon he still is a class-A Asshole. And angry. But his character design is almost as interesting as Nozdormu's.

Wrathion was pretty pleased with Eeyan for downing Hiram Creed. Eeyan now has the entirely awesome "stage 1" daggars, [Fear] and [Vengeance]. And, a quest for 333 Elementium Gem Clusters. Hopefully there will be a lot more alt runs of Dragon Soul in Darkfall's future.

The daggars look spiffy. I dropped Landslide on both of them. I don't have to feel "a bit inadequate" anymore.

Now I just need to get Eeyan some matching boots and he will look as put together as the rest of my level 85s. Somehow I wasn't that worried about it until he got those daggars.

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