Saturday, April 7, 2012

Raid Achievements!

This past Sunday and Tuesday were good nights for a few raid achievements.

Sunday we raided into Firelands. Our most progressed staff person was out on vacation, so instead of trying to kill everything asap for quest items we went for some of the more time consuming achievements. Bucket List and Death From Above.

Bucket List took a lot of clearing. Fortunately our group was pretty solid so it was just a matter of getting everything out of the way. It was a pretty fun achieve to do. I always take Riplimb so I can spam Chains of Ice if there isn't a trap handy. Kuanchichi ended up with the skull marker and, since DraNgNon knew where to go, ended up being the person that the Shannox tank followed around. It worked like a charm.

Death From Above took us a bit to work the strategy out for. I had to call for several wipes because we'd have a drone or two die in the second phase. But once we figured out the plan for how much and when to kill drones it was a very smooth kill.

Tuesday, we did Dragon Soul. I can't tell if it's general end of expansion burnout or everyone logging on to the beta, but we were just barely able to field a 10man raid. We tried for heroic Morchok and were very very close, but we were ultimately stymied by a number of disconnects. If you don't have 5 people to soak the stomp it's practically impossible to get everyone healed up to survive the crystal and next stomp.

However, all that practice on heroic Morchok made it very easy to get Don't Stand So Close to Me

That also happened to be our 50th raid boss kill since the guild achieves for raiding were added in. So double achieve!

I really love guild achievements, and Darkfall is now up to 1690 points.

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