Saturday, June 16, 2012


I have mentioned my past travails to get a white bear.

Because it's been well over two years since I'd been trying to get a bear I had almost given up ever actually getting one. Oh, I still did the quests, but I didn't actually expect to get anything other than yeti cheese or snowballs in my spoils bag. I even went so far as to gather the necessary Darkmoon Tickets to buy a Darkmoon Dancing Bear

Commonly called the "consolation bear" by DraNgNon, it was my sole bear. I refused to buy the brown bear, and I've had bad luck finding any successful capital city raids to get the black bear.

Just in case you're wondering, raiding Stormwind or Ironforge at 9pm on a Friday or Saturday night is not going to result in any sort of Alliance leader kill.

But I was doing my usual daily quest circuit the other day and I got lucky. I usually do the Orgrimmar jewelcrafting quest, the Dalaran jewelcrafting quest, and, while flying off to gather a proto drake bone or iron dwarf brooch, I'll stop by the Brunhildar village and pick up their daily.

I don't even remember what the quest was. Likely it was beating the mine slaves, Mornara seems to get that one all the time. And she's always a little sad and proud when the Vrykul slaves decide they don't want to go back to work and instead want her help committing suicide.

Anyway I opened up the spoils bag and there was a mighty squeeeeing! There was no yeti cheese or mountain spring water or snowballs. There was my bear!

Finally, years later, I have a white bear! It's so very awesome looking. I'm half considering finding some armor that is white and red instead of black and red to go with it, because my bear is just that excellent.

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