Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dragon Soul: Morchok Dialogue

Lord Afrasastrasz yells: Advance to the front!

Lord Afrasastrasz yells: The siege must be broken. Wyrmrest Accord, defend the line!
Morchok yells: I will turn this tower to rubble, and scatter it across the wastes!

As soon as you zone in the raid is greeted by Afrasastrasz and Morchok yelling at each other and you. This continues as you make your way closer to Wyrmrest tower and Morchok.
It's very jarring that they had the same voice actor for Lord Afrasastrasz and Tirion Fordring. I'm always half inclined to start reciting "We'll grant you a swift death, Arthas."

Morchok yells: No mortal shall turn me from my task.
Lord Afrasastrasz yells: Wyrmrest Accord, Attack!
Image of Tyrygosa yells: They have broken our defenses... the very earth turns against us in Deathwing's name.
Image of Tyrygosa yells: You must hurry... Wyrmrest falls as we speak... all... is lost...
Lord Afrasastrasz yells: Tyrygosa yet lives! We must press on, to the temple!
Morchok yells: Cowards. Weaklings. Come down and fight or I will bring you down.

Having fought your way to the base of Wyrmrest Tower you can now engage Morchok. He's a rather stolid stone giant.

Pretty much the only interesting things he says are when he does his Black Blood of the Earth ability.

Morchok yells: The surface quakes...
Morchok yells: ... and you drown in the hate of The Master.

Morchok yells: The surface quakes...
Morchok yells: ... and there is no escape from The Old Gods.

Morchok isn't a terribly interesting a fight on either normal or heroic. Big stone giant has crystals and is stompy. He'll yank you all in for the aforementioned Black Blood and you need to run from that. If you have the misfortune to be in LFR you'll be able to snicker at the person who fails to run all the way out of it. If you're on heroic you'll meeds to make sure your group stays together for stomp soaking.

As is usually the case, Morchok was not expecting his own death. Too bad for him!

Morchok yells: Impossible. This cannot be. The tower... must... fall...

Lord Afrasastrasz yells: The Twilight's Hammer is retreating! The tower is ours; fortify your positions within!

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