Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heroic Zon'ozz & Heroic Hagara & Deck Defender

Last week we killed Heroic Zon'ozz. It was glorious to see him dead at our feet. It was also interesting how we had to alter the strategy for heroic mode. The healing requirements reminded me of when we were first killing regular Zon'ozz. That fight is just brutal with all the damage, aoe and tank, going out.

It is also amusing that so far, our successful strategy involves sacrificing a rogue. In the first and second black phases we kill the tentacles and then reposition outselves for ball bouncing when the phase ends. But after the third black phase starts we just burn the boss. Lust is popped and all tentacles are ignored. In the two kills we've had thus far we've not managed to kill him until after we're back to the regular phase. So when the void spawns, the rogue is sent out to bounce the ball back into the group. In theory he can use Cloak to not get wiped out by the ball, but in practice we end up with a dead boss and a dead rogue.

After we got Heroic Zon'ozz down last week, we did a few pulls on Heroic Hagara. Just enough to see the mechanics and get a feel for the fight when it's not normal mode.

This week, we again worked on H Hagara after we killed that bastard Zon'ozz. We didn't get her down on Tuesday, but we'd started to get the coordination for lightning phase. Frost phase we didn't have a coherent strategy, and we were still trying different things. So I did a bit of research before our Thursday night raid and at our warlock's insistence (he really needed a bio break) I did a quick mid-raid video review. Honestly, he'd explained the change he thought we should make perfectly fine, but insisted that I watch the video so that he wouldn't feel bad about asking for a bio break... It was kind of cute, though I hope I'm not coming across as an iron-fisted Raid Leader.

Anyway, when we got back from the bio break we changed our ice strategy to just have everyone RUN. Our hunter popped aspect of the pack, frostflake was dispelled immediately, we all dodged falling ice, and ran and ran and ran. The frostflake slowing patches were just barely negated by aspect of the pack. It worked pretty well, though I'm glad we only had one ice phase. There were a few hairy moments near the end of the fight as one melee dps died and got a rez and one of our heals died and popped and then another healer really died. But when the final tally was in, the boss was dead and the rest of us were alive!

We killed H Ultraxion like usual. There was a small amount of confusion about who was taking which Hour, so we only got it on our second pull. We almost managed to recover and get it the first time but I think I messed up the taunts while trying to sort out who could step in to take an hour. I'm pleased that we've got H Morchok, H Yor'sahj, and H Ultraxion pretty firmly on farm status. Too bad that ALL the heroic tokens this week were conqueror. Ah well, our pally, priest, and warlock will be well outfitted.

After Ultraxion we swapped back to normal mode. I didn't want to mess around with H Blackhorn. Instead we assigned quadrants and went for Deck Defender. I was afraid we'd missed a couple of the little purple swirlies. However I was fabulously pleased to be wrong and see the achieve pop up at the end of the fight! This means that we're only missing three achieves for the meta Dragon Soul achieve. Of course, they are the last three heroic bosses, but we're making excellent progress.

We were running a bit late by the end of the night and our new dps warrior had to go. However, we pulled another guildie in for Spine and Madness. I enjoy cut scenes, but I swear that someone always crashes or gets disconnected for the start of Spine. We have one life grip and can save the first person who says they are lagging/crashing, but if there is more than one, well, someone is getting flying lessons from the roll...

For Madness I had though we'd just do Ysera first. Between the lateness and the pulled in guildie being a little undergeared I thought it might be better not to strain for a harder starting platform. However our fabulous priest mentioned that he didn't have Nozdormu for Chromatic Champion. So Noz first it was! Even with a slightly undergeared rogue it was cake. We made sure that there were no blistering tentacles overlapping any other ability, and it was quite a smooth kill. I think that it's currently the case, between our gear and the 25% buff, that there just isn't a hard platform to start at anymore. Yes, they still all require coordination, but, as long as people listen and do their job, normal mode is not hard regardless of where we start. Clearly we're ready for more heroics. :D

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