Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dual Specs

Dual specs are here!

Well ok, they will probably be here with the 3.1 patch. And really who knows how many months it will be before that comes out. I don't think there is anything up on the PTR right now.

Anyway dual specs! I tried to do some research into a good mage PvP spec. But I can't seem to find, or just don't know of, any PvP equivalent to Elitist Jerks.

I'm thinking that for Viljo I will go arcane for a PvP spec. I'm still not a fan of Frost.

Full Arcane

Arcane/Frost - Arcane with enough Frost to get Improved Blizzard and Icy Veins


So please, oh Loyal Readers, point me in the correct direction.
All 3 of you... :P


tanthalas said...

ArenaJunkies is sort of the EJ of PvP. Though the only spec listed there is 20/51 Frost.

It really depends on what you intend to do. I usually tailor my PvP specs around dueling unless I'm going after a particular arena bracket.

Played around with the wowhead talent calculator a bit and settled on a 57/14 Arcane/Fire spec that seems pretty decent (and fun for two-shotting people). Or you could do something crazy like 53/7/11 for a little more survivability from Ice Armor plus Icy Veins and Fire Blast talents. Just remember that Frost DPS talents aren't worth picking up if you're going for deep Arcane since that means you won't ever be using frost spells anyway.

tanthalas said...

And FWIW here's the 53/18 Frost spec one of my guildies is using to run 3s with (on a feral/mage/pally team).

The key differences between his spec and the ones I suggested are:
- he does spec for Frost's burst, which only works because he puts 18 points into the Frost tree to get Shatter (without Shatter, Frost spells are not worth casting at all unless it's rank 1 Frostbolt)
- he skips melee defense talents (Arcane Fort, Imp Blink) in favor of longevity talents (Arcane Conc) and the Frost tree. This is most likely because he expects to get peels from his teammates so melee defense doesn't matter as much.

And actually, if you take the 53/7/11 build and move the 7 talents from Fire to Frost, you can achieve a pretty similar spec.