Sunday, February 8, 2009

a good day of Wow

Kuanchichi got many more achievements today. What I decided was that he would get the Cooking one. I am an idiot and didn't realize after 30-Northrend-Recipes there was another one for like 45. But since the Cooking quest needed Dinner Impossible, which is really a PvP quest, Viljo and Kuan bounced around a few battlegrounds to get it.

While we were at it, we tried out Wintergrasp. That was enormous fun and I will want to do it again. But we picked up some PvP achievements there. After that we ran a few quests in Icecrown, just enough to get Kuan Revered with Ebon Blade so his melee hat could be properly enchanted.

Then we ran around doing old-school coins. But that got tiring so we decided to run Heroic Hall of Lightning. We were in a group with a tank and mage from Ides of March, and despite a couple or three wipes, we got the quests done from Sons of Hodir. Only one of them yielded rep though, disappointing us all as the rest of party also needed it.

All kinds of shaman gear dropped in this run, but it was pretty much not as good as what Kuan had, until Loken dropped [Mail Girdle of the Audient Earth]. This was a great upgrade for Kuan's healy set, wahoo.

The priest who was with us left after that but the tank and mage wanted to try the timed run of Stratholme. Yes, Blizzard likes timed runs in Stratholme so much they put it on the level 80 Caverns of Time version as well as the level 60 version in EPL. I noticed Ratrider on and idle in Dalaran, so asked her if she'd heal, and she did! She said she even had the mount so that's one less person to roll.

We were tearing our way through and made it with plenty of time to spare. And there they were, [Reins of the Bronze Drake]. To our shock, not only did Ratrider pass, so did the two from Ides. Only Kuan and Viljo rolled.

Well, Viljo has a dragon already. Now Kuan does too!

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