Monday, February 9, 2009

Sons of Hodir, redescribed

DraNgNon and I are heartily tired of doing the Sons of Hodir dailies. However, due to prsssure from our guildies, we feel like we have to work on them all the time, regardless of the fact that we are closer to exalted than all but a few of them. Anyway, we're doing the Sons of Hodir quests every single day, and it feels like a second job.

So last night as we were running around we thought of ways the quest text should be changed. Most of them don't really need to be changed, at all. I mean, just what were the developers thinking of when they came up with Polishing the Helm, Blowing Hodir's Horn, or Thrusting Hodir's Spear? All I can really do is waggle my eyebrows suggestively, say "bow chicka wow wow", and of course say all those quest names again in a lecherous voice. Hodir likes it Hot and Cold, bow chica wow wow. You could throw in a suggestive hip thrust if you want, too.

For Spy Hunter its clear that the orange text while you're following the worg around should be changed. Currently you see stuff like "clearly on to something...." worg charges off and changes direction 5 or so before finding the iron dwarf infiltrator. I think it should be changed to "clearly on something..." since that wolf has got to be smoking the good stuff, what with all his direction changes.

Feeding Arngrim is a quest where you are supposed to throw the tooth of a giant fat ass blue santa at a worm, then beat the, now disembodied, worm until said giant fat ass blue santa comes and eats it. I think that the name of the NPC should be changed from Arngrim the Insatiable to Arngrim the fatass. It'd be much more amusing for those of us forced to do these stupid quests every day.

If anyone has more suggestions or how to fix the quest text please share.

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