Friday, February 27, 2009

Northrend Dungeon Hero!

DraNgNon and I were heartily tired of Kuanchichi and Viljo not having the Northrend Dungeon Hero achievement. Heroic Occulus was the only dungeon we were missing. And we were having a lot of trouble finding people who weren't afraid of trying the instance. It seemed that just about every person we talked to had run it once and didn't want to run it again.

So last night we asked our good friends Siazi and Xstal if they'd run Heroic Occulus with us. They said sure and brought a couple of their characters: Jataka, to heal, and Xianv, to dps. They already had a pally tank from our guild <Thwarted Destiny>. So the 5 of us went to H Occulus and kicked butt pretty handily. The only wipes we had were 2 against the 3rd boss, Mage-Lord Urom, while we were figuring out the best way to kite him, and then one on the final boss, Ley-Guardian Eregos, when we didn't realize there was an invisible wall and we failed to run sufficiently away from his phased damage.

I know we had a good group, and worked together reasonably well. However we weren't over geared for the instance and we did wipe a couple of times while figuring things out. This leads me to believe that all the people who won't do Heroic Occulus are wimps. If they don't want to do it because they honestly don't like the drake mechanics that is one thing. But if they are afraid of how difficult the instance is they are pussys. Now I do admit that with Kuan and Viljo on the amber drakes it was actually pretty easy, since the two of us could talk to each other and we did the timestop on the enrage pretty easily. But even without the two of us talking to each other I don't think it would be that hard, so people who are afraid of it are wimps.

Anyway after Occulus the same group went to Culling of Stratholme. It's kind of depressing to see Arthas becoming evil, but it is a fun instance. And even better Viljo got his Bronze drake!! yay bronze drake. I owe the pally tank big time. He and I were the only ones who didn't have it and he passed.

We probably should have gone to bed after that but instead we went with another group to Halls of Lightning. That too was a pretty speedy run. And it helped a newly level 80 priest get some more rep, though not a lot of gear dropped for her.


tanthalas said...

My understanding of why people don't want to run Heroic Cocculus is because it's just a royal pain in the butt instance. Kinda like Shattered Halls or Arcatraz - neither were actually that hard to do (at least, during late TBC), but the time/effort-to-reward ratio just wasn't high enough of a motivator.

I have yet to run it myself either since people in my guild seem to hate it equally. :(

Oh and the captcha for this particular post is "raywangs". Just thought you'd like to know.

Clara said...

Yeah, people seem to be treating H Occulus like Arc or SH used to be treated. But I never really understood that. Neither of them were all that bad either, it was just people being pussies.

I mean I remember the very first time I actually got Shattered Halls done on heroic we had a bear tank, and for the gauntlet I kept dc'ign every 15 secs. Despite those things and the fact that it was the first time for everyone else too we only missed the timer by 5 or so minutes.

So I think my conclusion as to the wimpyness of anyone who is afraid of H Occulus stands. :P