Thursday, July 16, 2009


What with Skunk Dog and Roommate on Crutches we almost forgot about the raid last night. However, we made it home just barely in time for both of us to get into the raid.

In fact there were still only 21 of us when we did Flame Leviathan with two towers up. We left the Mimiron and Freya towers up. Since we'd never left Freya up before it actually took us a few wipes to get it. I'm glad that we're trying different towers. And it was new and interesting for me since I got to be ammo on a demolisher. However, my driver hadn't ever done it before so he didn't understand that it was necessary to aim when he fired me at FL. So on at least 3 of our attempts I flew over, or landed short of, FL, and had a swift and pointless death.

Anyway after FL we went on to kill everything up to Kologarn. Our 2nd kill was Razorscale and she dropped the Living Flame. Kuan and Viljo were the only two who rolled and Viljo got it with just a tiny bit higher PR. Hopefully it will drop next week and Kuan can get it then. Aside from FL it was a pretty smooth run. We only wiped once on Ignis and Kolo, and didn't wipe at all on Razorscale, XT or Iron Council.

The excellent part of the run were that since we killed 7 bosses and FL was hard mode we got 8 badges of conquest. So Viljo had enough badges to get his Conqueror's Kirin Tor Hood. And enough orbs dropped (three from FL) that there was a 6 pack of Runed Orbs and it was Viljo's turn so he found someone to make the Sash of Ancient Power.

Anyway between the trinket and the new hat Viljo now has his Epic Achievement:

And since both the hat and the trinket had boat loads of hit he swapped from a Frostfire Bolt spec to Fireball spec. I haven't had a chance to pound on a training dummy yet but hopefully both the gear and the spec will increase his dps.

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