Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missing Outland Reps

Mornara is 68 and Ikoli is 67, thanks to Midsummer and the massive XP from honoring/desecrating flames. So, in theory, we could take them to Northrend in a little while. However both DraNgNon and I enjoy playing characters through the leveling process, not just powering them to 80 and raiding. We realize however that there is no way we're going to get these two characters to finish all of the quests and zones in Outland before they should have moved on. There are four zones they haven't touched at all, and the three zones they have touched are only half done at best.

So we've decided that we need to concentrate on what is actually important for them to get out of Outland: Reputation. Specifically we want them to have enough reputation to get all the heroic dungeon keys, decent shoulder enchants, and the correct head enchants.

Mornara needs:
- Cenarion Expedition to Honored - *done*
- Thrallmar to Honored - *friendly*
- Sha'tar to Honored - *neutral*
- Lower City to Honored - *friendly*
- Keepers of time to Revered (tank head) - *neutral*
- Scryers to Honored (shoulders) - *friendly*

Ikoli needs:
- Cenarion Expedition to Honored - *done*
- Thrallmar to Revered (healing head) - *friendly*
- Sha'tar to Honored - *neutral*
- Lower City to Honored - *friendly*
- Keepers of time to Honored - *neutral*
- Aldor to Honored (shoulders) - *friendly*

Unfortunately they are both pretty far away on most of these. And there is also the offspec head enchants. CE revered for Mornara and Sha'tar revered for Ikoli. They are both especially far away on KoT and Sha'tar. Sha'tar will gain some rep as they turn in signets/marks for Scryer/Aldor. However the only way I know of for KoT rep is to run those instances...

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Wendy said...

I will be happy to run some of those instances, when I am on, for achievements. I don't even think I have some of the "normal" achievements, because I am just that lame.