Monday, July 20, 2009


It's summer and that means that raiding attendance is down down down. We did manage to get enough for a Uld25 last Wednesday, and we killed up to Kologarn. However, there weren't nearly enough people for a 25man on either Saturday or Sunday. So a group headed into Uld10.

Saturday's Uld 10 was moderately painful. It was a run specifically for trying to gear up tanks. And unfortunately that means they needed gear. Also one of the tanks was almost passing out from lack of sleep, and the other, well, the other just needs to more practice. We did kill up through Auriaya and Hodir. And to be quite honest I was doing crappy dps. I blame lag, and mostly the fact that after Wed I swapped back to Fireball spec, and I didn't have the rhythm down.

Sunday we had a slightly different makeup and so it was a smoother run. We one shot Thorim and went back to one shot Iron Council. Then Freya went down pretty smoothly. Mimiron was new to about one third of the raid, and it took a bunch of work but we got him too. Mimiron is a fun fight. I really like all the phases, and the art in that section is just excellent. And killing Mimiron got Viljo The Keepers of Ulduar achieve.

Anyway after Mimiron was down it was a wipefest on Vezax. Vezax is a fight that makes me consider rerolling some class that doesn't use mana. After a while we called it. It was clear that those of us who hadn't seen it before were doing a pretty terrible job. And between that and having only 2 healers we were not doing so hot. We were making progress, but it was not swift enough to keep the healers from bursting a vein.

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