Monday, July 6, 2009

the 4 hour epic

We took Eeyan and Teltanara into a Naxxramas pug this evening. The loot rules were 2-needs and 3-greeds. They'd down'd part of Construct before we joined.

So right before doing that Eeyan got 6 Titansteels together and finally made a [Titansteel Shanker] for himself. That put him with an offspec weapon in his offhand, unideal to say the least. And he's still not raid spec'd, although I will fix that some time in the next couple days by dual spec'ing him.

Anyhow I at least know how to play him and don't die to stupid things. Or so I thought, Eeyan died to red twice. And Telt is an awesome healer (she was second in raid healing, to get an idea of how Naxx pugs are nowadays). But there were no hunters or other rogues in there, or for that matter feral druids either. And pallies and death knights can't use fist weapons or daggars.

So Eeyan made out like a BANDIT. His two "needs" were [Aged Winter Cloak] and [Strong-Handed Ring]. But, we did Spider wing last. [Webbed Death] dropped, and I rolled greed/os for it since Eeyan has been spec'd Combat Maces for a while. Then [Infectious Skitterer Leggings] dropped, and I was sad I'd used up my rolls. But the RL said just roll greed, and the druid who beat me went ahead and passed, yay! And then, we went against Kel'Thuzad, and Eeyan died ignominiously to a Shadow Fissure on the first two tries. But on the last try, we down'd him and he dropped [Calamity's Grasp]. To my surprise, not quite though, nobody wanted it, and Eeyan got that too.

That was too cool for words and Eeyan is now respec'd Close Quarters Combat. But clearly the Correct enchant to put on this weapon was Mongoose, and Telt never got it. So we pestered Cemaros to come into Karazhan with us and kill Moroes, who obliged and dropped [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mongoose].

Words can't describe how cool this looks so here:

Anyhow, the Titansteel Shanker is vendored now. Lasted about 4 hours. Ah well if I didn't have it (Telt had enchanted it too) I am sure these items would not have dropped for me.

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