Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hodir Defeated

This week Deterrence did a pretty good job pwning in Ulduar 25. Wednesday evening we had quite an effective raid and had our 2nd kill of Auriya. After clearing all of the first two sections of Ulduar we called it a night.

Saturday evening we went in and on our 2nd attempt we defeated Hodir. I say defeated instead of kill or murdered or dismembered or clobbered, because unfortunately none of the Keepers of Ulduar can be actually killed. Thorim, Freya, Mimiron, and Hodir all have their health reduced to 1 hp and then suddenly "come to their senses" and decide to help you if you ask them. I know that they are helpful against Yogg, but I would really like to see Hodir's broken and bleeding body after what we had to go through with his Sons.

Anyway, also on Saturday we tried Thorim a couple of times. However we're still having issued with the division between the tunnel and the arena. Either the tunnel isn't moving fast enough or the arena dies, or sometimes both.

So today we tried out Freya. She is a fight similar in idea to Sartharion. There are three adds and they each drop a badge of conquest. Yay extra badges! This meant, that even though we didn't kill Freya we still got 3 conquest badges. And this meant that Kuanchichi had enough badges to get [Conqueror's Worldbreaker Helm]! Yay for Kuan! This even better than it sounds because that piece has hit and so Kuan could swap in the [Valorous Worldbreaker Shoulderpads] which had been won in a previous Uld10 run and still have enough hit.

After tonight Viljo is up to 51 Conquest badges. I am hopeful that Deterrence can kill enough bosses in Uld on Wednesday for him to get the Conqueror's helm. Perhaps we'll kill Emalon and get some extra badges.

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