Friday, February 26, 2010

Further Adventures in Tanking

Things have been a bit busy with DraNgNon and I lately. So we haven't gotten to play WoW as much as we'd like, let alone update the blog about WoW. Anyway we've been trying to do coins for the Lunar Festival and also to do heroics with our three level 80s. The coins are a lot of rep and lots of fun to gather too.

I just wanted to say that when I finished tanking my 3rd heroic ever on Mornara, one of the members of the group gave me a compliment on my tanking.

I am tickled pink that the other people were nice enough to compliment my tanking. I"m not sure if I'm happier that I did well enough to deserve a compliment, or if I'm happier that the people we ran with were nice enough to give compliments. Either way it was an excellent end to the heroic.

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