Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Heroic

Tonight DraNgNon and I logged on for our daily random heroic. Gotta get those Frost Emblems! Anyway, quite often the daily is a chore. It's a sad truth that the 5th day in a row I got DTK on both Viljo and Telt I was considering reaching through the tubes and throttling someone. And that's when the group wasn't full of fail.

Today though Viljo and Kuanchichi got Halls of Reflection. I was quite surprised and a little nervous to see that loading screen pop up. Our first tank bailed out immediately. We waited around for a bit and shortly got a second tank. This tank, and the rest of the dps, was quite good. We merrily smashed through the undead in our path, and one-shot everything in our path.

It was nice to finally get an interesting heroic, and even nicer to get a good group for it.

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