Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mornara the Scourge

The Lich King, Arthas, took the bodies of many champions of the Horde and Alliance. He chained the spirits of the fallen back to their bodies and forced them to serve him. These fallen warriors who had once fought against Arthas were now part of the Scourge.

The Lich King also captured many warriors of the Horde and Alliance. Through starvation and torture he twisted the minds of those he had captured and bound them to his will. Mornara was enslaved as one of them.

Mornara served the Lich King's will. She learned of RuneForging and created her own weapon. She saw the failed Death Knight initiates beg for death because the pain was too great for them. And she killed several of those failed initiates herself. Killing was the only thing that made the endless hunger stop, even if only for a short while.

Mornara was sent to attack the Scarlet Crusade as part of the Lich King's strike force into the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth. She slaughtered all in her path, and sowed fear among the citizens as well as the soldiers of the Scarlet Crusade. As she did this the voice of the Lich King whispered in her mind, encouraging her to more and bloodier kills. Hundreds were killed by her and thousands by her fellow Death Knights.

Side by side with her brothers and sisters in the Scourge, Mornara destroyed the Scarlet Crusade. The final destruction of New Avalon was accomplished from wyrm-back. Mornara rode one of the Lich King's frostwyrms and destroyed the approaching Scarlet Crusade armies.

After the town of New Avalon and the Scarlet Crusade Armies were defeated, the Lich King sent his Death Knights to attack Light's Hope Chapel. The battle was led by Highlord Darion Mograine. The Death Knights and their Scourge minions fought bravely, but the defenders of Light's Hope fought more bravely still. And even worse, the Corrupted Ashbringer that Mograine wielded started to turn against him. The battle was lost for the Death Knights when Tirion Fordring stepped in and defeated Mograine.

However, Tirion did not kill Mograine, instead he showed him a vision of his past, and freed his soul from the dominion of the Lich King. Arthas himself appeared at that point and struck at Tirion in an attempt to claim his soul. But Mograine, finally freed from the Lich King's grasp, struck back. He threw the Corrupted Ashbringer to Tirion, and it was purified, because of the holy ground of Light's Hope and Tirion's great power as a paladin. Then Arthas was forced to flee as Tirion struck back at him with the full force of the newly redeemed Ashbringer and the power of the holy ground of Light's Hope Chapel.

At that point all of the Death Knights present were freed from the Lich King's dominion. Tirion formed the Argent Crusade to go to Northrend and fight the Lich King. He pardoned the Death Knights, and invited them to join him. Mograine agreed to work with the Argent Crusade to fight the Lich King, and the Death Knights were reformed into the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Though none of the Death Knights would ever forget or atone for what they had done under the Lich King's control.

Mornara went back to Acherus Keep and helped to kill the Scourge that the Lich King had left there. After Patchwerk was dead, and the rest of the Scourge were routed Mograine sent her to Orgrimnar. She carried a letter from Tirion Fordring to Thrall, asking him to pardon Mornara and all the rest of the Death Knights.

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