Monday, February 1, 2010

Mornara the Warlock, Part 6

Story starts here.

The Death Knight enters Mornara's cell. He grabs her arm and silently drags her out. She is pulled through several hallways lit with torches burning blue and green. Ghouls, abominations, and a few Death Knights guard various rooms and passages. After multiple turns Mornara is brought to a balcony looking down on a human village. She realizes that the place she's been imprisoned is a floating necropolis.

The late afternoon sunlight is rich and golden. It make Mornara's eyes water and she blinks to try to clear them. When she can see she realizes the Lich King is standing at the edge of the balcony. Mornara gasps in shock seeing him. With a sudden burst of desperation born energy she jerks her arm from the Death Knight's grasp and runs. However, before she gets more than a few steps the Death Knight encases her in a cage of ice. It starts melting almost immediately, but by that time he has caught up to her and grabbed her again.

The Lich King turned at Mornara's gasp and now lets out a hollow laugh at her attempt to escape. "Your guard did not expect you to still have the energy to run. But I would not have summoned you if you were not strong enough."

Mornara struggles but the Death Knight forces her to her knees.

"Where would you have run? There is no escape from the Scourge." asked the Lich King.

The Death Knight has Mornara's arms bent behind her. "I was running for the balcony." She winces as the Death Knight twists her arms. "Lok'tar ogar. Victory or death. The only thing left is as honorable a death as I can find."

"Death would not save you from serving me. It would only make you slightly less useful. If you are set on death as your goal, serving me is something you should aspire to." The Lich King draws Frostmourne and starts walking towards Mornara.

"I will never serve you! I am part of the Horde. Not part of the Scourge!" Mornara is sweating from the effort to escape, but the Death Knight's grip her keeps her from moving.

The Lich King stands in front of Mornara. She thinks she is going to die, stabbed through by Frostmourne. Instead the Lich King brings the flat of the blade to gently rest on her forehead. The sword pulses blue several times. As it does so Mornara's struggles against the Death Knight holding her diminish and cease entirely as her eyes flare a bright blue that match the rune blade's glow.

The Death Knight lets go of Mornara's arms and steps back. He still watches her warily.

"Rise, my new Death Knight, there is much work to be done." The Lich King goes back to the balcony, but does not sheath Frostmourne.

Mornara stands and looks around without much curiosity. She rubbed her arms but otherwise stands still while ghouls bring plate armor and put it on her. The armor is heavy, but she can't remember why that would be strange.

Once she is fully armored Mornara moves to kneel in front of the the Lich King. "What would you have me do, my King?"

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