Thursday, February 18, 2010

Losing Aggro

I use Omen for monitoring my threat. Omen has a small panel where it lists who has threat on the mob you're currently targeting. You can configure it a few other ways, but single target thread is usually what I have.

Omen will also put warnings on your screen when you're about to get aggro. I have turned off the screen flash and the warning screech. But I left the text warnings that pop up in the middle of the screen. So when I am a bad mage I get a big red AGGRO in the center of my field of view. I also get a slightly smaller green LOSING AGGRO warning when the mob I'm targeting is about to go eat someone else's face.

I hate that LOSING AGGRO warning. I hate it so very much. Because no matter what is going on that warning means that I have fucked up. If I'm Viljo I should never have aggro to start with. If I'm Mornara, my tanking sucks. If I'm Telt that means either the tank is squishy beyond belief or has pulled more than he can handle. Either way the shit is most likely hitting the fan.

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