Saturday, April 24, 2010

Odd Habits

I have the odd habit of logging my characters out in the same location. It's not an intentional thing. And it's not always the same location. It's just that if I'm swapping characters to send gems or scrolls or potions around they usually are in the same place purely through coincidence.

For example: The other day Viljo got a new piece of gear. I don't even remember what it was, but it needed an enchant and a couple of gems. But the time I was done, Viljo, Mornara, and Telt were all standing around the mailbox by the Legerdemain Lounge across from the cheese store in Dalaran. None of them started there, and I think that only Mornara was even in Dalaran to start with. But they all ended up there, next to that specific mailbox.

It's a bit surreal. Here all three of them are, but they never actually see each other. They are standing right next to each other, but completely invisible to the each other.

What odd habits do you have?

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