Sunday, April 11, 2010

Awesome Hunter

I just finished a heroic. It was ToC. Not too bad an instance, good chance at loot, and pretty short and sweet. Well short and sweet if you don't have an asshole in the group.

Rawrface, from Cenarius, you are my hero.
Zåck, from Maiev, you are an asshole.

Through the whole thing Zåck was being unnecessarily bossy and condescending. Rawrface described him as "mouthy" in a whisper to me before we even had the first pull and I'm guessing he started with the MD immediately following that.

We only wiped once on the initial champions pull. I still think that was because Zack was unable to get out of the poison or WW, but I'm not entirely sure since I accidentally wiped the combatlog already.

Anyway, if there is only one wipe in an instance, there is really no call to be that much of a jerk to anyone.

And people wonder why there are so few tanks around...

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