Monday, August 16, 2010

Blue Drake

Occulus used to be one of the more annoying heroics in Wrath. People didn't like that you had to ride on drakes and try to kill Eregos. It was hard to navigate in 3D when you weren't sure of where to go. And admittedly before they added scaling to the drakes it was actually hard to kill Eregos. But with the drakes scaling with gear and the current level of gear inflation its actually a pretty easy instance.

However people seem to have built up some sort of allergy to Occulus. They don't like flying on Dragons. They don't wanna have to fly around. So Blizzard started bribing people to go to Occulus. In addition to the regular 2 frost badges you get from completing a random you also get a Cache of the Ley Guardian which always has 2 extra badges, usually has a gem plus, and rarely rarely has Reins of the Blue Drake

Yep, that's Telt on her brand new Blue Drake.

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