Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shadow's Edge

Mornara finally got into ICC25 and killed Rotface and Festergut, and lo and behold no one else wanted the Acidic Blood from either of them for The Sacred and the Corrupt. I was shocked, and rather pleased to finally get those. Even if it meant that I bankrupted all of my characters to get the 25 Primordial Saronite and still had to get some from DraNgNon's characters.

Anyway, massive expense aside Mornara now has Shadow's Edge. It is a fabulous weapon and she's got it gemmed and runeforged for tanking. Darion Mograine, the leader of the Death Knights is the one who has set her on this quest. He is rather full of doom and gloom and threats about failure. In the actual quest where he forges Shadow's Edge for you he even straight out says that if you fail at this he will kill you. So no pressure!

The next step is to start the empowerment of Shadow's Edge. A Feast of Souls requires you to kill one thousand of the Lich King's minions. That is a lot of trips to ICC. Fortunately it doesn't matter if you are in 10 or 25 for the kills. Mornara is at a little over 500 at this point. It's taken her several runs so far.

Mornara has also discovered that the Lich King is watching her do this set of quests. He is now fucking with her head. It doesn't happen all of the time and it's not very repetitive. But just about the time she forgets The Lich King whispers her. It's pretty much entirely freaking her out. The last time Mornara got whispers from the Lich King she was still under his control. And she's starting to wonder, what with some of the things he's whispered to her, if getting freed wasn't all a dream...

The Lich King whispers: Never have I had cause to regret sparing your life, mortal. Always, you continue to amuse me.

The Lich King whispers: Take them, mortal, these souls will again be mine soon enough.

The Lich King whispers: Look at you, child; would-be wielder of souls... you can not fathom the power that lies at my command.

The Lich King whispers: The moment is soon at hand, mortal. You shall toil for eternity in a new Azeroth!

The Lich King whispers: Bring me your weapon, champion, that I might feed it the soul of its master!

The Lich King whispers: Remember hero: I, too, once sought a weapon of great power...

The Lich King whispers: I see you too are gathering souls for you own ends. Are we really so different, champion?

The Lich King whispers: Soon, mortal, you too shall have a blade for a prison.

The Lich King whispers: You stumble about in darkness. There is no light here. No mercy! Icecrown has claimed the souls of better heroes that you.

The Lich King whispers: More souls... yes, more... you will find it hard to stop, mortal.

The Lich King whispers: Your heart - its incessant drumming disgusts me. I will silence it as I did my own.

The Lich King whispers: Yes, do it! Create your monstrous new weapon. It too will serve me when your soul is mine.

So, yes, Mornara is rather freaked out by the whispers of the Lich King. However, she is determined to complete her weapon and kill him. Perhaps not in that order...

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